China accuses ex-Interpol chief of bribery, other crimes

China accuses ex-Interpol chief of bribery, other crimes thumbnail
BEIJING: Chinese authorities said Monday they are investigating the former president of Interpol for bribery and other crimes and indicated that political transgressions may have also landed the Chinese official in trouble.

In a statement posted on a government website, the authorities said Meng Hongwei, China’s vice minister for public security, was being investigated due to his own “willfulness and for bringing trouble upon himself.”

It elaborated on a terse announcement late Sunday by an agency of the ruling Communist Party that investigates graft and political disloyalty that said that Meng was suspected of unspecified legal violations.

Meng is now the latest high-ranking official, and one with an unusually prominent international standing, to fall victim to a sweeping crackdown by the ruling party.

In a sign of how seriously the authorities regard the case, Zhao Lezhi, the minister for public security chaired a meeting in the early hours of Monday morning with senior officials of the ministry’s party committee to discuss it, the statement said.

French judicial officials had said Friday that the 64-year-old Meng was missing.

His unexplained disappearance while on a trip home to China late last month had prompted the French government and Interpol to make their concerns known publicly in recent days.

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