The hottest thing in technology is your voice

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Among the myriad wonders at the world’s biggest electronics expo: robotic maids, flying iPhones, and glasses that allow the blind to see.

But the real symbol of where we’re headed is spinning slowly on a dais: a sleek, black toilet that one might imagine in one of the USS Enterprise’s many bathrooms. The reason Kohler’s Numi toilet will retail for $7,500 US is simple: if your partner forgets to put down the toilet seat, you can simply ask the toilet to do it for you.

This “smart” toilet, which can be commanded to perform certain ablutionary functions and even play music, is a symbol of the hottest thing in the world of technology these days: your voice.

If only a fraction of the new gadgets on display at the CES convention in Las Vegas make it to market, you will soon be able to tell an almost infinite number of things what to do.

“Everything here is voice-activated in some way shape or form, either with an embedded Alexa or Google product in it, or linking up to the Amazon Alexa or the Google Home device,” says Consumer Reports analyst Elliot Weiler.

“Everywhere from the laundry room to the kitchen, even the bathroom. We’ve seen voice-activated mirrors and showers and tubs. And that’s … either in market right now or will be in the market in the next year or two.”

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