Insular data security scene creating additional workload for large firms: Oracle chief

Insular data security scene creating additional workload for large firms: Oracle chief thumbnail
A growing sense of nationalism and the heightened data privacy concerns of various countries are adding layers of regulatory and operational complexity for technology companies, including those in the enterprise cloud market, said Mark Hurd, chief executive of Oracle.

“I think the data privacy issue is a global one… This growing nationalism — without making a political statement about it — it’s driving actually more complicated regulations and regulatory environments,” Hurd said in a chat with ET following the launch of Oracle’s latest autonomous cloud offering.

He was also of the view that the increasingly insular data security environment is creating additional workload on large corporations and added that, as a result, Oracle plans to deploy more data centres in its key business geographies, including in India.

“We have many global companies that are forced to segregate employee and customer data based on what country they’re in… This is, I don’t want to say ‘not helpful,’ but it’s technically not helpful. It creates another layer of work that you’ve got to do. We’re in the process of deploying data centres into all of these markets, and as we speak of which, India will be one.”

Oracle highlighted at its recent annual developer conference how it is addressing higher levels of cybersecurity concerns by identifying, assessing and even solving threats through the use of artificial intelligence.

In one of his key predictions for technology-driven businesses, Hurd said cybersecurity and AI would be the key adoptions that will change many businesses models by 2025.

Drawing on recent examples of exposed security gaps, as in the cases of Facebook and Google, Larry Ellison, executive chairman and chief technology officer at Oracle, mentioned that the current state of cyber defences are “just not good enough.”

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