Extra batsman vital in low-scoring series: Sunil Gavaskar

Extra batsman vital in low-scoring series: Sunil Gavaskar thumbnail
Just when it seemed that it was going to be an Indian summer, the England seamers led by young Sam Curran shattered that hope as England won the first Test by 31 runs. It was a close game and made so only by the brilliant batting of the Indian captain Virat Kohli. The manner in which he sheltered the tail-enders and got India to within 13 runs of the England first innings total was breathtaking.

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Great players make the mental adjustment quicker than the others and Kohli kept making it virtually every delivery he faced. Despite playing and missing at the start when the ball was moving considerably, he gritted it out, shortening his back lift and reducing his bat speed. As the movement lessened, he began to unfurl the range of shots that he has in his armoury. Unfortunately, the others didn’t make that mental change needed.

If the news, that Dhawan is the one who is dropped, is correct then it hardly is a surprise, for every time the team loses he is the first one axed even when he has scored more runs in the lost game than others who retain their places. If there is so little faith in him then why pick him in the touring party at all? Dhawan also has himself to blame as when he is batting well, he throws his wicket away to an indiscreet shot.

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