‘I actually like it here’: Sask. folks unfazed by latest cold snap

'I actually like it here': Sask. folks unfazed by latest cold snap thumbnail

Extreme cold weather has one again spread throughout Saskatchewan. 

The polar temperatures might prompt someone to wonder why people continue to live in a place where exposed skin freezes quickly and sidewalks become so treacherously icy. 

“The people are very warm here, so that’s a part of it, right? And I do prefer sun as well, so that’s why I’m still continuing to live here,” said Faisal Zafar, who moved to Regina from Pakistan three years ago. 

“It’s like +40 coming to –40, but I actually like it here.”

Faisal Zafar moved to Regina three years ago and said he doesn’t mind the cold weather. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)

“You can’t sit inside for nine months of the year, so you have to be prepared to live in it,” Leanne Ritchie said. She grew up in Regina and said people that live here develop a resilience to the fluctuating temperatures. 

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