Upkeep firm fails to pick up trash, RWA fumes

GURUGRAM: Residents of Sector 14 are once again at loggerheads with the MCG over the performance of solid waste collection and management agency Ecogreen Energy Pvt Ltd, which has been hired by MCG. Residents alleged that over the last few weeks, Ecogreen Energy staff were not doing their job properly.

This issue, they said, had led to a crisis in the area with residents seeking answers from the resident welfare association (RWA) , which is technically not in a position to check on the agency, as per norms. HS Nanda, RWA president, Sector 14, said, “We get as many as 10 complaints each day. The Ecogreen staff either miss many houses or deliberately do not pick up the garbage.”

Residents said the staff has no fixed time. “They come around 7am or 1pm, and sometimes not at all,” said Rishu, another resident. “They signed an informal undertaking saying that they will work in four zones of Sector 14 on trial basis for 15 days, and that their work should be judged on that performance before we complain to the MCG,” an RWA member said.

Ankit Aggarwal, CEO, Ecogreen Energy, said, “A meeting was convened by the RWA president where we confirmed that the requirement can be met by us. However, the RWA asked us to deploy four vehicles for covering 50% area. But four vehicles are meeting the requirement well. In October, only two complaints had been received and were resolved,” TNN

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