Message of next week’s summit on North Korea also aimed at Trump’s White House

Message of next week's summit on North Korea also aimed at Trump's White House thumbnail

When more than a dozen foreign ministers meet in Vancouver next week to discuss diplomacy and North Korea, Kim Jong-un won’t be the only target of their messaging.

A robust international show of support for non-military options is also aimed at the White House — even though the United States is co-host of the meeting, a source with direct knowledge of the preparations for the ministerial meeting told CBC News.

A united front in favour of a meaningful diplomatic option may help U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson build his case for diplomacy against hawkish elements within the Trump administration, the source said.

  • North, South Korea agree to further talks

Canada and the United States are co-hosting the one-day summit Tuesday to discuss ways to ease the escalating tensions and rhetoric.

“I think that Donald Trump and some other members of the U.S. administration will be part of the audience for this meeting,” said Roland Paris, a former foreign affairs adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Whether they register the message is a different question,” he added.

Paris said it is obvious there are different factions within the Trump administration that represent a range of positions on North Korea.

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