G7 summit cost tops $200 million in budget estimates

G7 summit cost tops $200 million in budget estimates thumbnail

Hosting top world leaders at the upcoming G7 summit in Quebec’s picturesque Charlevoix region is expected to cost Canadian taxpayers $224.6 million dollars.

According to spending estimates tabled in the House of Commons Monday, the price tag for hosting the gathering of world leaders, and the meetings leading up to it, will be steep.

Security provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is expected to eat up $125 million of that budget on its own.

“The majority of the funding … will support security measures, including deployment of RCMP and military personnel, support of provincial police and necessary equipment.

“Funding will also be used for logistical needs such as leasing of space, temporary staff and upgrades to the local communication network.”

For example, the Public Safety department will get $18.9 million and National Defence will receive $9.6 million to help the RCMP ensure security at the event.

Foreign Affairs will get $31 million for the event, while Shared Services Canada — which handles the government’s computer networks — will get $15.9 million.

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