Fire-paramedic captain suffers ‘serious medical event’ while at house fire

Fire-paramedic captain suffers 'serious medical event' while at house fire thumbnail

A Winnipeg Fire Paramedic captain is in hospital after he suffered a “serious medical event” while at a house fire Sunday.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service chief John Lane said the captain’s crew members and other paramedics and firefighters were able to give him emergency medical treatment before he was taken to hospital, said Lane.

“Members from the WFPS Executive team and members from UFFW Local 867 are ensuring that the Captain and his family are fully supported,” he said in a statement provided to CBC.

“I would like to thank the WFPS crews and Communications staff who were instrumental in ensuring their fellow WFPS member received the best care possible.”

The WFPS is “optimistic for a positive outcome,” for the captain, said Lane.

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