Nearly 40% India Inc employees rate their top management’s skills as poor: Survey

Nearly 40% India Inc employees rate their top management’s skills as poor: Survey thumbnail
The top management acts as the anchor in the organisational hierarchy. Their duty is to protect the integrity of the organisation, so that it can survive for its own employees, the shareholders, suppliers and for the general good of the social and economic system within which it operates.

In a survey by JobBuzz, a company rating platform powered by TimesJobs, we asked the lower hierarchy managers and employees to rate their top management. Below are the ratings for each segment and the expected scope of improvement.

Rating the top management
According to the study, nearly 25 per cent of India Inc. employees have rated the management’s leadership skills as excellent. For 35 per cent employees the leadership skills are satisfactory and for 40 per cent of the employees, the top management leadership skills are poor.

About 40 per cent of India Inc. employees have the necessary resources to meet the targeted output and the remaining 60 per cent do not have the access to the required resources.

About 20 per cent of the company uses the available resources effectively and 80 per cent companies are not even considered resourceful. According to our survey, only 5 per cent India Inc. employees are satisfied with their level of interaction with the top management and rest 95 per cent employees were unsatisfied with the interaction level.

Managing employee concerns and problems
According to our research, only 10 per cent problems of the employees are excellently handled at the top management level. Rest 90 per cent of problems are mishandled by top management. Out of these problems, only 10 per cent problems are addressed by the top management to the best of their ability and remaining 90 per cent are not even bothered about the employee concerns.

About 35 per cent top managements are effective in public relations and nearly 65 per cent have poor public relation skills.
Considering the work culture across various organisations, only 25 per cent have well organised flexible working culture. In 45 per cent workplaces, the flexible work culture is poorly managed and in 30 per cent places, they do not have a flexible work culture. We asked India Inc. employees about the improvement scope in the top management.

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