Bot is the new boss: Now you will have to impress a machine to get hired

Bot is the new boss: Now you will have to impress a machine to get hired thumbnail
Imagine you’re looking for a new job. You spruce up your resume, send it to the companies you’ve shortlisted, and then eagerly wait for a response. Will the recruiters like your resume? Will it impress them and play in your favour? Or will they just skim through it and decide you’re not a right fit for the job?

If you think you know how to impress a prospective boss through a resume, you need to know more. This time you might have to impress a machine instead—the newest addition to the company, a bot.

The bots, or intelligent computer programmes, are taking over the task of carrying out the first-level of hiring, looking through resumes, deciding which candidates are suitable for the job at hand, and also conducting the first-level of interviews with candidates.

A far-fetched idea just a few years ago, it is a reality now, at least in part, in many companies in India. Embracing the age of Artificial Intelligence, companies have started using it extensively to improve workplace efficiency like never before.

Companies have been using bots like JLT, Amber and Jinie to not only help with tasks like scheduling dates, setting reminders and managing time off, pays cuts, etc., but bots like Engazify and Dino also track employee conversations to strengthen team work and increase workplace satisfaction.

Now, companies have started to use these bots to also conduct the primary levels of hiring. “Engaging bots in HR functionalities will change the hiring process completely,” says Shelly Singh, Co-Founder of HR solutions company PeopleStrong. Proving her point, many HR solutions companies like CIEL have already started using bots to generate candidate lists based on the requirements of clients and to also contact them directly with some general questions for further assessment.

The days when all computers could do was interpret binary language to give a set of arbitrary results are long gone. These bots are now not only able to find matches based on skill sets, but they are also programmed to analyse the cultural adaptability of candidates and match it to the client’s.

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