Quebec woman dies after visiting 4 hospitals in 3 days for the flu

A Gatineau, Que., man is looking for answers from hospital officials after his 39-year-old wife visited four hospitals in three days before dying following an initial diagnosis of the flu. 

Donald Marengère took Cynthia Thibaudeau to the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa on Feb. 9.

After a number of X-rays and mucous tests, doctors determined she had the flu and should go home to rest, Marengère said.

Marengère said she spent the weekend resting, but then began coughing what looked like thick chunks of blood.

Cynthia Thibaudeau’s husband says she was healthy, did not have any previous health issues and had received her flu vaccine. Thibaudeau died Feb. 12 after a flu diagnosis, and going to four hospitals over three days.

3 days, 4 hospitals

An ambulance took her to the Gatineau Hospital on the following Monday. Doctors tried to stop the hemorrhaging in her lungs, Marengère said, but he was told they did not have the necessary equipment.

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