Extreme cold boosts calls to AMA

Extreme cold boosts calls to AMA thumbnail

When Edmonton is hit with extreme cold weather, one of the people who sees an increase in business is the tow truck driver.

“We’re definitely bringing in extra staff, working overtime, just getting more boots on the ground,” said Ryan Lemont, manager of fleet operations for Alberta Motor Association in Edmonton, on Friday. 

He said calls to AMA increased by one and a half times the normal volume on Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures started to drop. 

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The number of calls went up to almost 700 a day over that period with about 325 from motorists needing a boost, to their vehicle battery, Lemont said. 

AMA tow truck operator Todd Wells prepares to boost a car battery using jumper cables. (CBC)

On a regular winter day, the AMA responds to about 400 calls, with about 125 requests for a boost.

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