Yemen activist once held by rebels slams UN peace drive as ‘naive’

GENEVA: A Yemeni activist who was held and allegedly tortured for months by Huthi rebels this week criticised the UN-backed peace process for his country as “naive”, warning against “humanising” his captors. Hisham Al-Omeisy, an outspoken activist, journalist and political commentator, was arrested in August 2017 after speaking out against restrictions and corruption in rebel-held areas of the war-ravaged country. Omeisy, who has also harshly criticised the actions of the Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting the rebels since 2015, says the Huthis accused him of being an American and…

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Trump pledges new Middle East peace plan within months

Trump pledges new Middle East peace plan within months thumbnail

UNITED NATIONS: US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would present a two-state peace plan for the Middle East in the coming months, voicing confidence the Palestinians would return to talks despite his unwavering support for Israel. Speaking before entering talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, Trump said that it was a “dream” of his to bring about a peaceful solution to a conflict that has eluded several of his predecessors. “I would say over the next two to three to four months,” Trump said,…

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