China finds first cases of African Swine Fever in country’s south

China finds first cases of African Swine Fever in country's south thumbnail

BEIJING: China’s three-month old outbreak of African Swine Fever has spread for the first time to the country’s south, its major pork-consuming region, after authorities on Sunday reported two cases in southwest Yunnan province. The news comes as China enters its peak pig production period ahead of the country’s most important festival, the New Year holiday, which will be held in early February 2019. “The thing that we worried about the most has now happened,” said Feng Yonghui, chief analyst at industry portal, referring to the spread of disease…

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11 missing after ship sank off Chinese coast

BEIJING: At least 11 people went missing after a ship carrying sand sank in China’s Liaoning province on Sunday, according to official Chinese media. The incident occurred at around 3 am, the state-run Xinhua reported. The provincial maritime search and rescue centre and the city government have dispatched ships, aircraft and more than 500 rescuers to search for the missing, it said.

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Indian bison dies after territory fight in China

BEIJING: An Indian bison, the world’s largest extant wild cattle facing extinction, has died of fatal skull damage after a recent fight for territory in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, local forest police said on Sunday. The animal, which was 2.7 metres long, 0.5 metre wide and 1.9 metres tall, fled to a nearby village at Xishuangbanna after a fatal fight for territory and died, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency quoted local police sources as saying. The Indian bison, also known as gaur, roams in primitive forests in tropical and subtropical…

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China broadens its propaganda drive to heartland America

China broadens its propaganda drive to heartland America thumbnail

OMAHA: China’s propaganda machine has taken aim at American soybean farmers as part of its high-stakes trade war with the Trump administration. The publication last month of a four-page advertising section in the Des Moines Register opened a new battle line in China’s effort to break the administration’s resolve. US farmers are a key political constituency for Trump, and Beijing has imposed tariffs on American soybeans as retaliation for Trump’s tariffs on hundreds of billions in Chinese imports. China regularly disseminates propaganda in the West through its China Daily newspaper…

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