Rare, endangered primate is born in Jerusalem zoo

JERUSALEM: An Israeli zoo says an endangered primate known as a golden lion tamarin has been born in captivity. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo says the monkey was born two weeks ago to mom Bilbi and dad Zohar. The yet unnamed monkey was seen Thursday clinging to its mother’s back. Golden lion tamarins are among the rarest animals in the world, according to the World Wildlife Fund. It is listed as endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Jerusalem zoo says the primate was under threat of…

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102 rhinos in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, census finds

102 rhinos in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, census finds thumbnail

MORIGAON: A total of 102 rhinos have been counted in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary here during a census carried out by the state’s forest department, a senior official said on Sunday. The one-horned rhino census was conducted after six years in the sanctuary, which has vast tracks of swamp land. Divisional Forest Officer, Wildlife Division-Guwahati, P Boruah told reporters that 102 rhinos are there in the 48-sq km Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, the “densest habitat of one-horned rhinos in the world”. During the last six years, six rhinos have been shot dead…

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​The sorry state of Earth’s species, in numbers

​The sorry state of Earth's species, in numbers thumbnail

* Two species of vertebrate, animals with a backbone, have gone extinct every year, on average, for the past century. * Scientists say Earth is undergoing a “mass extinction event”, the first since the dinosaurs disappeared some 65 million years ago, and only the sixth in the last half-a-billion years. * About 41 percent of amphibian species and more than a quarter of mammals are threatened with extinction. * About half of coral reefs have been lost in the last 30 years. * The global populations of 3,706 monitored vertebrate…

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Clean air programme ‘good’ start, but needs transparency of info: Greenpeace

Clean air programme 'good' start, but needs transparency of info: Greenpeace thumbnail

NEW DELHI: The government’s National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) to tackle air pollution is a “good” start, but it needs public participation from the planning level and transparency in terms of information, a green body said on Monday. Greenpeace India, which accessed the NCAP’s concept document through an RTI, said that there is an “ambiguity” on the planning given the lack of information in the public domain. “It is good to see the government’s growing concentration towards air pollution. However there is an ambiguity on the planning given the lack…

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