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Heat may curb virus spread but social distancing is key: Study

NAGPUR: The hot local weather of India would possibly lend a hand comprise the spread of coronavirus however social distancing is actually essential, scientists on the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) stated on Wednesday.

The government-run analysis institute not too long ago performed a learn about of correlation between environmental elements and the spread of the contagion the usage of information from Maharashtra, Karanataka, Kerala,Srinagar and New York.

"The study found that the dependency of virus spread on the environmental factors such temperature and relative humidityindicates that hot climate of India may prove to be beneficial in containing the spread," scientist Hemant Bherwani stated.

The discovering was in line with previous studies of different viruses which tend to lose efficacy in prime temperature areas, he stated.

But the relation with relative humidity was no longer that simple, Bherwani stated.

It was noticed that during average humidity levels, which might be typically found in ambient surroundings, there were prime possibilities of the spread of the virus, he stated.

"Social distancing measures far outweigh the benefits of environmental factors. In cities of Kerala and in Chennai, which are high humidity areas, the virus spread is controlled because of possibility of strict social distancing measures, as against the trend being seen in Mumbai," he stated.

More learn about was required to grasp correlation of environmental elements, and a "single model or one prediction methodology may not fit to understand the impact of environmental factors for all the cases of such a geographically large and diverse country like India," Bherwani added.

Dr Rakesh Kumar, director, NEERI, stated the spread of the virus slows down as temperatures building up.

"But it is also true that temperature factor should be supported by social distancing, then only it will be favourable. If you don't maintain that then all the benefits that you are getting, which other countries could not get that much, we will lose that benefit," he stated.

NEERI scientists who also studied the affect of social distancing found that even a slight slip in social distancing measures would possibly result in fashionable neighborhood spread of the virus.

It was found that during a weak lockdown scenario, the number of instances larger exponentially. "This indicates that social distancing is absolutely important," Bherwani stated.

"The research indicates that Government of Indias enforcement of social distancing and lockdown early during the spread was absolutely essential and crucial," Bherwani stated.

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