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Coronavirus infection in children may not start with coughs: Study

BEIJING: Children affected by non-respiratory disease signs like diarrhea and fever, or those with a history of exposure to the novel coronavirus, must be suspected of getting COVID-19, a new find out about says.

According to the analysis, revealed within the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics, gastrointestinal signs first suffered by means of some youngsters hints at potential an infection with SARS-CoV-2 during the digestive tract.

"This case series is the first report to describe the clinical features of COVID-19 with non-respiratory symptoms as the first manifestation in children," the scientists from Tongji Hospital in China wrote within the find out about.

They explained that the gastrointestinal signs might be coming up since the type of receptors in lung cells focused by means of the virus can be found within the intestines.

Most youngsters are handiest mildly suffering from COVID-19, and the few serious instances often have underlying well being issues, the researchers stated.

"It is easy to miss its diagnosis in the early stage, when a child has non-respiratory symptoms, or suffers from another illness," stated find out about co-author Wenbin Li, who works at the Department of Pediatrics, Tongji Hospital.

"Based on our experience of dealing with COVID-19, in regions where this virus is epidemic, children suffering from digestive tract symptoms, especially with fever and/or a history of exposure to this disease, should be suspected of being infected with this virus," Li stated.

In the find out about, the scientists described the medical options of youngsters admitted to health facility with non-respiratory signs, who have been subsequently identified with pneumonia and COVID-19.

"These children were seeking medical advice in the emergency department for unrelated problems, for example, one had a kidney stone, another a head trauma," Li stated.

The find out about noted that the entire youngsters had pneumonia, which was showed by means of chest X-ray scan ahead of or soon after admission.

These youngsters have been then showed to have COVID-19.

While their COVID-19 signs have been initially gentle or moderately hidden ahead of their health facility admission, 4 out of the 5 instances had digestive tract signs as the primary manifestation of this disease, the researchers stated.

Li hopes that medical doctors will use the findings to temporarily diagnose and isolate sufferers with similar signs, which would possibly support early remedy and cut back transmission.

According to the researchers, the youngsters's gastrointestinal signs, that have additionally been recorded in adult sufferers, might be an additional path of an infection.

"The gastrointestinal symptoms experienced by these children may be related to the distribution of receptors and the transmission pathway associated with COVID-19 infection in humans," Li explained.

Since the virus infects other people by means of the ACE2 receptor, which can be present in positive cells within the lungs in addition to the intestines, COVID-19 may infect sufferers not handiest during the respiratory tract within the type of air droplets, but also during the digestive tract by means of contact or fecal-oral transmission, the find out about noted.

While COVID-19 assessments can once in a while produce false certain readings, Li stated the entire 5 youngsters assessed within the find out about have been inflamed with the disease.

However, he cautioned that more analysis is needed to confirm their findings.

"We report five cases of COVID-19 in children showing non-respiratory symptoms as the first manifestation after admission to hospital. The incidence and clinical features of similar cases needs further study in more patients," he stated.

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