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5 amazing beauty tips that our moms taught us

Moms are moms for a explanation why! They have a solution for every downside, especially on the subject of attractiveness. We all have grown up making an attempt selfmade remedies that our moms have advised and most of them in truth worked wonder for our frame…isn’t it? For instance, virtually everybody has attempted gram flour and yoghurt paste for a glowing skin…due to our moms.
So, we requested ladies to percentage some simple and efficient attractiveness hacks they have got realized from their moms, and right here’s what they needed to say…

1. Milk cream for dry lips
“I've extraordinarily dry lips, and lip balms to be had out there never supplied me with certain effects. My mom advised making use of milk cream on chapped lips, and it worked wonders, every unmarried time. Plus, I've hardly ever invested in a lip balm.” -Spardha Pandey
2. Gram flour for glowing skin
“Mix two tablespoons of gram flour with a half tablespoon of turmeric. Further add lemon juice, two tablespoons of milk cream and half tablespoon mustard oil to this mixture. Make it a paste and follow for your skin. Wash it off with cold water and you will realize unbelievably silky skin. Plus, it additionally gets rid of grime and lightens skin tone.” –Smita Mishra

3. Chiroli seeds for tan elimination
“Soak charoli seeds for about ten minutes and grind them to make a paste. Mix this with milk and gently scrub it for your skin. Let it sit down for 15-20 minutes for your skin and rinse it off with water. It will exfoliate your skin, remove tan and lend a hand to lighten your skin tone.” –Gunjan Verma

four. Curry leaves for luscious locks
"My mom swears by this remedy and now I do too. Take some dried curry leaves and grind them into powder. Add this to coconut oil and heat. Apply it an hour or two before washing your hair for luscious black hair. It also works on controlling hair fall." - Pooja Sharma Kaur

five. Almond oil for dark circles

“For dark circles and puffy eyes, my mom swears by means of a paste of almond oil and mint leaves. Mint leaves lend a hand to toughen blood waft around under-eye area and soothes it. Almond oil nourishes the skin, and reduces the ghostly dark circles.”- Geetika Chakravarti

6. Ghee for cracked lips

“I've vivid early life memories of my mom striking a couple of drops of heat ghee on my navel and gently massaging it. It is helping to heal cracked lips.”- Pratima Behl

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