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Why you must drink water from a ‘matka’ in summers

Many of you might be habitual with the observe of storing water in a clay pot right through summers. This observe of consuming matka water is not only an alternative to steel and plastic bins, but in addition has its personal set of well being advantages. This is the reason why many families still swear through the clay pot, because it has many healing advantages.
Here are some amazing well being advantages of consuming water from a clay pot in summers:

Natural cooling effect

Matka water provided chilled water again in those days when there have been no fridges. These pots work on the idea of vaporization, which is helping in cooling down the water. As the clay pot is porous, it regularly chills down the water which is a high quality no different container has.
Good for throat

While the fridge water is simply too chilled and water kept outside is simply too warm, matka supplies the very best consuming water in summers. With its easiest cooling effect, it's gentle on throat and will also be easily fed on through other people suffering from chilly and cough.

Prevents solar strokes

Sunstroke is a quite common drawback which strikes a large number of other people in summers. The nutrients and minerals from the water stored in clay pots will help in keeping up the frame glucose ranges and also will provide a gentle cooling effect on your frame.

Alkaline in nature

The human frame is acidic in nature, whilst clay is alkaline. Water from those alkaline pots when fed on through you reacts with the acidic nature of our frame and is helping in creating a correct pH balance. This is the reason why consuming matka water is helping in holding acidity and stomach issues at bay.

Boosts metabolism

When we drink water stored in plastic bottles, it comprises poisonous chemical substances like Bisphenol A or BPA, which harms the frame in many ways. It is alleged to deliver the testosterone ranges down and is also identified to be endocrine disruptor. Whereas, consuming water from a clay pot balances testosterone ranges and even improves your frame’s metabolism.

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