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Sona slammed for supporting Rangoli

Netizens are significantly criticising singer Sona Mohapatra for opposing Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter suspension. However, she has hit back at her defamers, saying that she does now not desire a 'certification of character'.
Sona took to Twitter and wrote, “Just read on my timeline that the ‘Rangoli Chandel-Kangana Ranaut’ handle has been suspended via @twitter? While I might now not subscribe to all their perspectives, I additionally stand via their right to specific them. Let’s now not be so ‘politically right kind’ & fast to be offended expensive #WokeSabha".

In a sequence of tweets, Sona defended her stand and tweeted, “simplest invites extra such hate”.

She wrote, “I've buddies & well-wishers sending me their opinion at the identical & seeking to inform me to suppose in a different way. Here’s the article, I don’t apply Rangoli Chandel’s handle & were in my opinion vilified via her prior to now too. I feel this for quite a lot of causes.”

Rangoli Chandel posted a controversial tweet related to the hot Moradabad stone pelting incident and because of which her account got suspended.Sona further mentioned, "-We are living in a deeply polarised global the place one facet simply refuses to concentrate in to the other. That’s the worst method for any progress. - Twitter could ‘force delete’ her hideously worded tweet. (Which I simply saw) - ‘Canceling’ her all in combination simplest invites extra such hate"

When a person requested the singer, "She said line them up and shoot them? It was once just a smidge offensive. Just somewhat.", she replied, "Yes it's.I saw that hideous tweet simply now.The rape threats I get from other folks right here with twitter letting the handles stay has made me believe that showcasing the ones morons helps extra. I don't believe in a cancel culture. As any roughly liberal I expect you to grasp."

Sona additionally slammed a Twitter person who said, "Apparently no amount of poison, hate & bigotry bothers her. Not even actual requires violence. But she is going to stand up for FOE of a nazi. Must be an Indian 'centrist'."

Responding to the tweet, Sona mentioned, "Fortunately, I by no means adopted the twitter handle you all appear to have been following. Also, I don’t desire a twitter certification of character from you jokers. See your global as black & white. Your prerogative"

Meanwhile, Rangoli reacted to the entire episode and said in a statement, "Twitter is an American platform completely biased and anti India, you'll be able to make fun of Hindu Gods call Prime Minister and Home Minister terrorists however when you say anything about other folks pelting stones on well being staff and Police forces they droop your account, I have no desire of empowering such a platforms with my perspective and fair reviews, so I'm really not reviving my account, I was my sisters spokes person now be careful for her direct interviews, she is a large megastar she has many ways of attaining out , a biased platform can also be easily avoided."

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