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Saliva must & vaseline is no replacement: Nehra & Harbhajan

NEW DELHI: Saliva and sweat are components that can not be completely carried out away with, insist a couple of prominent India cricketers, as the ICC contemplates legalising ball tampering submit COVID-19 by the usage of artificial substances to forestall virus spread.

Former India pacer Ashish Nehra and spinner Harbhajan Singh really feel that saliva's use in shining the ball is a "must". Ex-opener Aakash Chopra, while beng open to the speculation, desires to grasp the place one can draw the line.

While discussions are at nascent degree, questions are already being asked about what exterior substances may well be used if ball tampering becomes criminal?

Is it going to be bottle cap in pocket to scuff up one side of the ball, vaseline to shine (made well-known by John Lever) or chain zipper?

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"Get one thing clear at the onset. The ball will not swing if you don't apply sweat or saliva on the ball. That's basic necessity of swing bowling. The moment ball gets scuffed up from one side, sweat and saliva must be applied on the other side," Nehra, who totally shot down the speculation of the usage of exterior substances, advised PTI.

He went on to give an explanation for why vaseline by myself cannot lend a hand a pacer.

"Now let's understand why do you wish to have saliva? Sweat is heavier than saliva but both are heavy enough to make one side of the ball heavier for reverse swing. Vaseline comes into the image handiest after sweat and saliva, no longer ahead of that.

"It is lighter and doesn't even make sure that typical swing. It can keep the shine but doesn't make the ball heavy," the World Cup-winning former pacer mentioned.

Nehra then gave the example of Englishman Lever who created a furore right through his team's 1976 excursion of India by making use of vaseline right through a Test match.

"I will guess Lever used sweat and saliva and then applied vaseline. Vaseline handiest is helping the ball to skid and not anything extra. You apply vaseline handiest, the ball will just pass instantly. You can take a look at that with any rapid bowler," he mentioned.

Harbhajan also agreed that saliva if one has already chewed mint, which has sugar in it, makes it heavier. But with regards to the usage of exterior substance, he desires to grasp what will also be the options.

"It's no longer that murray mint can be used without striking it for your mouth. The coat of sugar on the saliva makes it heavier after one side gets scuffed. A scuffed up ball is also good for spinners as it guarantees a greater grip than a shiny new ball. But my query is, when you permit, what is the limit?

"Suppose you legalise ball tampering and let folks use bottle cap. Now the ball starts reversing from the fifth over. Is it honest? Or is also umpires come into play and so they inform you now's the time when you'll use exterior substance.

"I mean, after all, taking saliva out of equation method taking swing out which is probably not good concept," mentioned the landlord of 700-plus world wickets.

Former opener Chopra mentioned that unless the ICC comes up with something concrete as to what are the exterior parts that can be used "it is all conjecture".

"I all the time felt that allowing mint should not be an issue. But now they've long past to the level that they do not wish to permit mint. But now when you alternate rule, good enough let's permit them to use finger nails, vaseline, now the place does it forestall God is aware of," mentioned Chopra, who is also a revered analyst.

"Spinners would possibly not thoughts as they do get a bit of of go with the flow if the ball is saved glossy from one side. So they would possibly not actually thoughts so long as you aren't touchdown the glossy floor of the ball," Chopra mentioned.

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