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RGV on Kim Jong Un’s sis Kim Dynasty

Bollywood Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma shares his ideas through his tweets. Recently, he tweeted about Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Dynasty and referred to as her the primary feminine villain.

As consistent with the recent stories, the best chief Kim Jong Un isn't in a solid situation post his surgical operation. If rumours to be believed, Dynasty will take over to steer the rustic if Kim Jong Un passes away.

Recently, Ram Gopal Varma shared a tweet in regards to the similar. The director shared a photograph of Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Dynasty and tweeted, "Rumour has it that Kim Jong Un ‘s sister will take over if he dies and she supposedly is more brutal than him ..Good news is that world will have its FIRST FEMALE VILLAIN ..Finally JAMES BOND can get REAL".

A couple of days again, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he tested certain for the fatal virus. His tweet led to panic and rigidity amongst his followers on social media. Soon after, he posted every other tweet the place he discussed that it used to be just an April fool’s funny story. “Sorry to disappoint, however now he tells me it’s a April Fool funny story it’s his fault and now not mine”. Later, he used to be brutally trolled through the netizens on the net for joking about COVID-19.

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