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Private schools write to CM Chouhan against demand for school fee waiver by parents

BHOPAL: As the oldsters' affiliation of Madhya Pradesh demand a charge waiver, private CBSE faculties have written to the chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, concerning the problems faced through the self-funded private faculties of the state which can be only able to sustain with the help of the fee they obtain from scholars. In the letter to the CM, the Madhya Pradesh Private Unaided Schools Welfare Society has identified that not one of the other fees like financial institution loans, team of workers salary, expenses and taxes were waived off, so if the federal government orders complete or partial waiver of the students' charge, many self-funded faculties might be pressured to close down due to the financial burden.

"There are several self-funded schools whose only source of fund is the students' fee. From the fee, they have to pay their EMIs, bills and give salaries to the teachers and other staff members. None of this has been waived off, so how can parents demand for the school fee to be waived off?", requested the spokesperson of the affiliation Dinesh Varma.

He added, "The schools do not charge fee for 12 months as it is, but have to pay the bills, give the EMIs and pay salaries for the whole year. Even when we take extra classes, we do not charge any extra fee. Besides, schools have already begun teaching the students thorough online classes, so the academic session has begun."

Pointing out that private faculties teach 25% scholars from economically backward families freed from price and the repayment of the fee through the federal government is still pending which is adding to the financial burden to the schools as they have already showed that oldsters may not be pressurized for school charge until the tip of the lockdown however they have paid their teachers on time.

However, the affiliation consented to giving a concession on shipping charge as gas price makes up for only 25% of the entire shipping charge. "Though we still have to maintain the GPS, pay road taxes and salaries to the bus conductors and drivers. We can however, give a concession on the fuel cost as the buses are not ferrying students", he added.

In the tip the letter to the CM identified that faculties employee 1,50,000 instructing and non instructing team of workers participants, together with a number of 3rd celebration vendors, small companies and so on and if the school charge is waived off, even partially, it will impact all the stake holders interested in right kind functioning of the school.

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