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Police complaint registered against Rangoli

Controversy round Rangoli Chandel refuses to die down. Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli’s Twitter account was suspended yesterday and now a police criticism has been registered towards her. According to a information portal, advocate Ali Kaashif Khan has filed a written criticism towards Rangoli at Amboli Police station. He was quoted stating that Rangoli had stooped too low now for inexpensive exposure stunt. He additionally said that with the world struggling with a lot of issues due to Corona pandemic, Rangoli is busy garnering reasonable exposure for herself and taking undue advantage of the situation together with her malicious posts concentrated on one neighborhood.

Earlier, Farah Khan had said in an interview with ETimes that she had reported Rangoli’s account. “Sometimes we have to discuss up towards individuals who unfold hatred because we need to have more sure ideas on this planet, especially in a time like this.”

Soon after her Twitter account was suspended, Rangoli had quickly shared her respectable commentary, "Twitter is an American platform absolutely biased and anti India, you can make fun of Hindu Gods call Prime Minister and Home Minister terrorists but if you say anything about people pelting stones on health workers and Police forces they suspend your account, I have no desire of empowering any such platforms with my perspective and honest opinions, so I am not reviving my account, I was my sisters spokes person now watch out for her direct interviews, she is a huge star she has many ways of reaching out , a biased platform can be easily avoided."

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