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PeeCee just shared her desi hair mask recipe!

Priyanka Chopra, who now lives in Los Angeles loves to stick attached to her Indian roots. From getting married in India to celebrating all of the gala's, Priyanka helps to keep appearing her love for India from time to time. Apart from loving desi food, the actress also swears by way of many beauty home remedies she realized here.
Recently, the actress shared her desi beauty tip on Instagram for scalp remedy. The actress also revealed that the recipe is by way of her mother. "Seems like a good time to try these beauty hacks during quarantine," the actress captioned her video.

In the video, PeeCee is noticed blending yoghurt with one teaspoon of honey and one egg. These ingredients might glance simple, however they are able to do wonders to your scalp and locks! Yoghurt, which is loaded with lactic acid is helping to cleanse the scalp and remove useless skin cells. If you've dry and brittle hair, then honey on this pack can do all of the magic. It is loaded with antioxidant homes can help to cut back hair breakage and enhance the situation of natural hair.

And lastly, the megastar factor Priyanka used on this masks is egg, which is loaded with proteins, vitamins, biotin and folate, that are connected to healthy hair growth.

Priyanka swears to by way of this hair masks recipe, but additionally shared a disclaimer that it may be smelly and needs to be washed two times to take away all of the ingredients.

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