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Oil, thorns for social distancing in Khadki

Extreme step of pouring oil, striking thorny branches at kattas taken via 10 cantonment youths to steer clear of turning into containment zone

As the unfold of COVID-19 will get alarming with every passing day, leaving the government without a choice but to extend the containment zone and restrict motion even more, a gaggle of younger other people in Khadki Cantonment have taken it upon themselves to do a little vigilante policing — making it in particular difficult for voters to hang out outdoor without reason. This, they claim, will be certain that social distancing in their neighbourhoods.

Despite the country completing greater than a fortnight under lockdown, the streets have now not precisely emptied out, with people continuing to roam round and indulging in socialising. With community transmission of the virus beginning to display up, the government have had to declare more areas as containment zones, clamping down utterly on public motion.

Lest this dilemma descend on their locality, a number of 10 youngsters from Mahadeowadi within the cantonment have adopted excessive measures to dissuade people from congregating any place. They’ve recognized hotspots for such gatherings and are pouring oil and striking thorny branches of acacia (babool) to make those puts in particular uninviting.

Benches, footpaths and more round Mahadeowadi, where irresponsible voters take a seat round and spend hours together out of doors, are actually being made inhospitable within the title of staying secure from COVID-19

Benches, ‘kattas’ and footpaths are being given such treatment to fob off lockdown violators. This, they mentioned, will proceed till the tip of the lockdown period. “We’ve observed many of us sitting round in those locations whenever law enforcement officials are not round. They spend hours here. We’ve attempted chatting with them on why they should now not be doing so, but none had been in any mood to pay attention. Now, we’ve resorted to pouring waste engine oil at such favoured spots. We’re also patrolling the world and calling the police keep watch over room whenever we secret agent a meeting,” recounted Umesh Gawali, a member of the group, who runs a small dairy.

Justifying their act, another member of the group, Vishal Pawar, a bank clerk, identified, “It is an issue of our safety, which cannot be compromised. The state of affairs is worsening via the day with more cases getting reported. The informal way of those irresponsible voters will thwart all of the ongoing efforts of the government to include the placement. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to stay home and take care of social distancing.”

Apart from Gawali and Pawar, Ajay Khandagale, Noushad Mujawar, Nilesh Khude, Sikandar Shaikh, Raju Kamle, Rohit Kolapure, Mangesh Waghmare, Hamid Sayyed, Kurshid Sayyed and Ganesh Waghmare are other contributors who have been holding the vigil round-the-clock.

Applauding the intervention, Madan Gade, an area activist, observed, “This may appear out of line, but this is a sign that individuals are fascinated with their safety. The government also possibly wish to undertake such unorthodox measures to counter the violations of social distancing.”

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