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Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to fight climate change

NEW YORK: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his personal fortune to help combat local weather exchange.
Bezos, the world's richest guy, said in an Instagram submit that he will start giving grants this summer to scientists, activists and nonprofits working to protect the earth.
"I need to paintings along others each to enlarge known tactics and to explore new tactics of fighting the devastating have an effect on of local weather exchange,'' Bezos said in the submit.

Amazon, the company Bezos runs, has a huge carbon foodprint. Last yr, Amazon officers said the company would paintings to have 100% of its power use come from solar panels and different renewable power by 2030.

The online store depends on fossil fuels to energy planes, vans and vehicles in order to send billions of things all over the world. Amazon employees in its Seattle headquarters were vocal in criticizing some of the corporate's practices, pushing it to do extra to struggle local weather exchange.

Bezos said in the submit Monday that he will name his new initiative the Bezos Earth Fund. An Amazon spokesman confirmed that Bezos shall be the usage of his personal cash for the fund.

Despite being a few of the richest other folks on the planet, Bezos only recently turned into energetic in donating cash to causes as different billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have done. In 2018, Bezos started every other fund, committing $2 billion of his personal cash to open preschools in low-income neighborhoods and provides cash to nonprofits that help homeless households.

Bezos, who based Amazon 25 years in the past, has a stake in the corporate this is price more than $100 billion.

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