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Indian-origin researcher's work on environment-friendly batteries awarded by Australian government

NEW DELHI: Indian-origin researcher Neeraj Sharma has been given the 'Early Career Researcher of the Year' award by means of the Australian govt for developing next-generation battery systems such as sodium-ion battery that may depart minimal environmental have an effect on. Thirty-five-year-old Sharma, a professor at University of South Wales (UNSW)'s School of Chemistry, used to be handed over the award at the Government House in Sydney by means of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday, the school stated in a observation.

"To develop the next generation of technologies we need better performance, at a lower environmental cost. My work explores lithium-ion batteries - found in electronic devices, electric vehicles and the grid - as well as next-generation battery systems such as sodium-ion batteries. I find the study of sodium-ion batteries particularly fascinating and we have been developing new electrodes for these systems," Sharma stated.

The awarded research explores inherently protected solid-state batteries, energy-dense lithium-sulfur batteries, twin function solar batteries and methods for recycling.

"We can permit and reinforce the uptake of electrical vehicles, be sure batteries are recycled leaving minimal environmental have an effect on, and transition away from fossil fuels for calories era and transportation. There is significant opportunity to form how we are living into the future.

"As researchers we are all operating in our area of interest and there may be potential, sometimes it is evident as in batteries and at different occasions it is more delicate - however research in point of fact does trade the sector," he stated.

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