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Indian-origin lawyer sues Tesco over chocolate

LONDON: A 63-year-old Indian-origin lawyer has filed a lawsuit in opposition to the UK's greatest supermarket chain Tesco over his alleged mistreatment which, he claimed, has dislodged his kidney stones.
Lalu Hanuman has claimed 70,000 pounds ($ 91,451) in damages after being falsely accused of "theft for walking away with an unpaid bar of chocolate".
He used to be on his method to a concert when he bought the 1.05 pounds ($ 1.37) bar of vegan chocolate and paid for it at the self-service until.

Hanuman threw the receipt in the bin and made his manner out of the Tesco Express store in the Russell Square house of central London.

According to The Sunday Times, he claims to were stopped through the shop's security guard who falsely accused him of now not paying and then forcibly moved him back into the store.

Hanuman claims the incident led to his kidney stones being dislodged.

Tesco admitted that the chocolate have been paid for and explained the confusion over an inadvertent double-swipe of the barcode through the lawyer, who had required some help while the use of the self-service checkout until.

A UK courtroom hearing in the case is scheduled to take place on July 21.

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