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How lockdown is making men cook!

It took a lockdown for many males to spice things up. In the kitchen, that is! Talking of his kitchen debut, Bangalore resident, Ashwin Nair, says, “It used to be all very situational for me. We paid the prepare dinner and informed her not to come for a month. We also decided in opposition to using meals supply services to avoid any dangers. My wife, who is working from home, has a packed agenda every day, whereas I, being in the travel domain, have numerous unfastened time. So, that’s how I got into and busy in the kitchen.” Like Ashwin, many Indian kitchens are seeing a rush of testosterone-fuelled activity and culinary creativity in this lockdown period.
Kitchen kings
In the first few days of the lockdown, Mumbai-based 29-year-old Nikunj Kak used to be not anything like the kitchen professional he's these days. “I felt completely handicapped with out my prepare dinner. It got here to a point the place I just needed to start cooking to live on. I began staring at online cooking videos. I’d also call up my mum to lend a hand me with recipes,” he says.

As for Ashwin, he’s clearly taking part in his stint on this turf, and placing out his culinary exploits on a YouTube channel. “Since It's not that i am a professional prepare dinner, I make small errors that I don’t edit out as they lend some humour,” he laughs.
Men pass the whole hog
Perceptions like the kitchen is a girl’s domain and males will have to keep out of it are passé, says Ashwin. Immanuel Leon Francis, a bachelor from Chennai, says, “During this lockdown, I’m dabbling in Italian, American and Indian cuisines. I’d by no means concept I’d be able to make ice cream this scrumptious one day. At this rate, I’ll have my very own speedy meals joint quickly!”

Cooking post lockdown?
“Yes, I'm unquestionably going to continue cooking. Why would I give up a talent that I managed to get a hold of with a lot problem?” asks Nikunj. Immanuel says he gained’t shun a possibility to position his apron on. Whereas, Rohan Sen, who lives along with his friends in Delhi, says, “Cooking has turn out to be useful for feeding myself and my flatmates. But after the lockdown is lifted, I don’t suppose I need to continue doing it unless one in all my flatmates steps up to the plate and manages the entire kitchen function.”

Kitchen bloopers
“The different day, whilst cooking, I at once put freshly washed onions into sizzling oil. And you realize what occurs when sizzling oil gets combined with water!” laughs Nikunj.

Cooking Blues
“My hands are typically well manicured. But now, with the quantity of cooking that I do, they game slightly a couple of tiny burns and nicks,” rues Immanuel.

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