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Education bookshops, fan shops to be exempted from lockdown: Govt

NEW DELHI: The Union Home Ministry has prolonged leisure to a number of agriculture and industrial industries from the lockdown restrictions. In the industrial sector, retail outlets selling textbooks and establishments selling electrical fanatics can also operate.

In the rural sector, the relief has been prolonged to amenities for export or import similar to pack homes, inspection and remedy amenities for seeds and horticulture produce. It also comprises leisure to research establishments coping with the agriculture and horticulture activities and the inter- and intra-state motion of planting fabrics and honey bee colonies, honey and different beehive merchandise.

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The Union Home Ministry also also ordered Standard Operating Procedure for the sign-on and sign-off of Indian seafarers (staff contributors) at Indian ports and their motion. According to the SOP laid down for sign-in of a Indian staff member, the ministry mentioned that the seafarer should intimate their shuttle and make contact with historical past for the final 28 days to the send owner or the recruitment and site carrier.

The SOP can be followed via e mail, as in step with procedure laid down via the Director General of Shipping.

In a late construction, the Home Ministry released a detailed SOP for disembarking and next repatriation of seafarers stranded in ships and different ports-of-call across the world in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The construction, which was welcomed via Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant late on Tuesday, comes on an afternoon when greater than 60 Goan crew-members onboard cruiseship Marella Discovery, anchored off Mumbai, had released a video urging Sawant so they can disembark urgently, with the send scheduled to sail for Europe on Wednesday.

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"I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for permitting the disembarking of seafarers at Indian ports. Goans stranded on the high seas will now soon be back home. I would request all the seafarers and their families to support the government in safe return of all our stranded brothers and sisters," Sawant mentioned in a social media publish on Tuesday.

According to government resources, the cruiseship currently has greater than 100 Indian sailors, out of which greater than sixty are from Goa.

Earlier on Tuesday, after the video via the send's Goan staff contributors went viral, the Opposition MLAs prompt Sawant in addition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pressing intervention in the problem.

"The crew member however will be tested for COVID-19 before boarding the ship and will be allowed to sign-in only if he is tested negative," the ministry mentioned.

"For sign-off purposes, the Indian seafarer arriving on the vessel would undergo the COVID-19 test for confirmation that he/she is negative for COVID-19," it added. The staff member can be kept in a quarantine centre till the report arrives.

According to Goa CM Sawant, greater than eight,000 seafarers of Goan origin, are stranded in quite a lot of anchored ships and ports-of-call across the world. Sawant had mentioned that the process for repatriation would simplest begin after the SOP was released via the MHA.

The SOP mandates trying out of all sailors disembarking on Indian ports for Covid-19, followed via quarantine at a facility operated either via the port or via the respective state government where the port is located, till the test experiences are received.

"If the seafarer is tested as positive for COVID-19, he/she will be dealt as per the procedures laid down by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare," the SOP states.

"For the seafarers tested negative and signed off, the local authority in the area where the seafarer disembarks will be intimated about his/her clearance for sign-off and for issue of a transit pass from the place of disembarkation to the place of his/her residence," it also states.

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