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Deonar abattoir shut, Mutton prices soar in Mumbai

As buffalo meat isn't available, mutton, which earlier value Rs 560, is now being offered for as top as Rs 800 according to kg.

The prices of purple meat in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) have long past up all the way through the lockdown as animals are briefly provide. What has added to consumers’ woes is the entire shutdown of the Deonar abattoir.

With buffalo meat no longer available, persons are turning to different choices. Now mutton is selling for Rs 800 according to kg, while chicken has returned to the outdated rates of Rs 160 according to kg. Earlier, mutton got here for Rs 560 according to kg.

“After struggling a setback, the poultry industry is back to doing business with chicken selling for even Rs 200 according to kg as the rates for sheep and goat meat have shot up because of the unavailability of buffalo meat. Earlier, other people had totally stopped eating chicken with the rates crashing to Rs 50-Rs 80 according to kg. But now because of the lockdown we're not able to get chicken and the costs have increased,” mentioned Shahnawaz Thanawala, president of Bombay Mutton Dealers Association, who also has a store in Crawford Market.

Before the lockdown, nearly 30,000 sheep and goats would be brought to town, out which 10,000 would be slaughtered. Now barely 1,000 are being slaughtered, mentioned Thanawala.

“Underneath normal circumstances, in Deonar, the country’s largest abattoir, each day 250 buffaloes and 3000 sheep and goats would be slaughtered,” mentioned Yogesh Shetye, normal supervisor of Deonar abattoir, adding that animals would come from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. “Now, all that has stopped. We close the abattoir also because keeping up social distancing turned into a subject matter,” mentioned Shetye.

Aslam Qureshi, a meat shop proprietor in Kalyan, had, with great issue, controlled to get some goats from Solapur in a mini-tempo but was once stopped by law enforcement officials at a number of places.

“I bribed them and brought the animals until Kalyan. But, I don’t want to take that risk again even though benefit margins are excellent. Cops are a large hassle and a few shoppers are unwilling to pay Rs 600-Rs 800 at the moment,” he mentioned.

A 12 months back, mutton rates had long past up because of the floods in Sangli and Kolhapur.

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