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#CoronaImpact: Hyderabadi Haleem goes off the market this Ramzan

Looks like it's going to be a Ramzan sans haleem this season. In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and a national lockdown, the Haleem Makers’ Association, a consortium of 400 eateries and restaurants that serve haleem in the town, have determined to shut store this yr.
“We determined that folks’s safety is a very powerful thing. A dish like haleem takes a large number of time to organize and is produced following a painstaking procedure. It involves a large number of human labour. Given the present state of affairs, we will have to all observe social distancing norms and therefore, haleem will not be available in Hyderabad and Secunderabad this yr,” says MA Majeed, President, Haleem Makers’ Association.

Cooked on a low flame of firewood for about Eight-12 hours in a bhatti (cauldron covered with a brick and dust kilns), the Hyderabadi haleem generates profitable revenues for ratings of outlets that crop up in each gully of the city. But the haleem makers have determined to place safety first. “Taking this choice wasn’t simple. People wait all the yr just for this one month in order that they may be able to relish haleem. It is a way of employment for hundreds of folks. But in the current state of affairs, we cannot let the virus unfold and we cannot put our staff or customers in peril. Let us conquer this disaster first and in the period in-between, we should try to help the ones in want,” Majeed provides.

With the lockdown extended in Telangana until May 7, it's not likely that haleem will likely be made available after the lockdown lifts. “Even if the lockdown is lifted on May 7, we will have to continue to take precautions and maintain social distancing. It will not be prudent to get started making and selling haleem after the lockdown lifts. This is a disaster duration and we will have to do all that we will to give a boost to the underprivileged,” provides Ali Hemati, proprietor, Paradise.

Haleem makers to face losses price `300 crore

The choice to prevent the sale of haleem throughout Telangana will price the industry earnings price roughly `300 crore, according to the Haleem Makers’ Association. “The losses will likely be staggering. However, we will have to center of attention on combating this pandemic in combination and make sacrifices if we're to return conquer this disaster,” says MA Majeed, President, Haleem Makers’ Association

"At the end of the day, safety of the people is the most important thing. We took a unanimous decision to stop the sale of haleem this Ramzan" – Mirza Ali, proprietor, Sarvi

"Even if the lockdown is lifted on May 7, we must continue to take precautions. It will not be prudent to immediately start sale of haleem post lockdown"
– Ali Hemati, proprietor, Paradise

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