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4 beauty benefits of moong dal

Often used for making dal curry and sprouts, moong dal is also a goldmine for good looks purposes. From face, body and hair, moong dal solves numerous problems and can also be the newest addition in your good looks regime. Here are a few makes use of of moong dal which will unquestionably make it your latest good looks pal:
Face pack

Ideal for people with dry and flaky skin, moong dal mask is a magic mask. Just soak a handful of moong dal in raw milk in a single day and grind it the next morning. Apply the paste on clean face and depart it for the next 15-20 mins. Once it dries off, wash it off with water and pat dry your face. It will give your comfortable and supple skin in only a few makes use of.

For pimples
For people who are uninterested in breakouts and pimples doping up far and wide on their face, moong dal is right here for you. Just soak some moong dal in a single day in water and grind it the next morning to shape a paste. Now mix half a teaspoon of ghee in it and practice it all over the place your face. Massage your face gently and depart it for 10 mins. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry it. For efficient effects, use this pack 3 times every week.

For solar tan removal

Summers are right here and so is the problem of solar tan. With sizzling solar out of doors, solar tan is a quite common problem people face in summers. For taking out tanning, just soak a handful of moong dal in a single day and grind to shape a paste. Now upload some chilled curd or aloe vera gel and mix it neatly. Apply the combination to affected house akin to face or palms. Leave it for 5-10 mins and wash it off with cold water. This won't handiest soothe your tanning but may also make skin comfortable and clean.

For hair growth

For people who are suffering from hair loss or dul and dry hair, moong dal hair pack is perfect for you. Just boil some moong dal and grind it. Add an egg yolk, few drops of lemon and curd to it and shape a paste. Now practice it to your hair and depart it for 15 mins. Wash it off with a gentle shampoo and dry your hair. You can use it two times every week for efficient effects.

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