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What is coronavirus?

What is coronavirus?

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Coronavirus is a group of viruses which has lot of viruses under it If you see these viruses under a microscope Then you will find spikes like projects on its surface as found on a crown Thats why they are named as Corona - one that looks like a crown Coronaviruses are classified in 4 sub categories.

Human Coronavirus was first identified in 1960 People only get infected with these 4 types of normal Coronaviruses. Mostly Coronaviruses are found in Animals Sometimes those coronaviruses that infects animals can also infect humans and can create a new kind of human coronavirus We also came to know about other non-normal human coronaviruses SARS MERS and the latest 2019 - Novel Coronavirus This is a Beta Coronavirus This was first identified in Wuhan in China This is related to respiratory-illness related disease This virus originated from a meat market in Wuhan The origin is considered to be from Bats Initially, it was getting transmitted from animals to humans But later on - owing to the growing number of cases it was identified that it is getting transferred from one human to the other as well

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