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This is the secret behind the longevity of a 108-year-old pianist

Friedrich Nietzsche stated, “Without music, existence can be a mistake”. Holds true for 108-year-old Wanda Zarzycka. Wanda is a piano participant from Poland and is the rustic's oldest and maximum gifted citizens.

Even after a setback 3 decades ago, when she broke her hands at 80 and medical doctors told her that she would never be capable of play piano again, Wanda did not lose hope. She continues to be enjoying the piano and credit music for her lengthy and wholesome existence.

Wanda fell in love with music when she used to be young and graduated in Lviv's music conservatory, however quickly after when World War II broke out, she used to be compelled to prevent enjoying.

Euronews reported, that the piano used to be brought to Krakow in 1944, five years after Zarzycka's family fled there from Lviv, which used to be then a Polish city occupied through the Soviet army.

The ornate wooden tool used to be passed right down to her from her mom who gained it as a marriage gift. It remains Zarzycka's most respected ownership in a tiny rental in Krakow, southern Poland.

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