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This German circus does animal cruelty-free show

Circus Roncalli, a German circus, has taken a wonderful and inventive way to address the issue of animal cruelty at circus displays. To assist to keep circus displays alive, it has swapped real animals for holograms. Sounds sensible, right?

Circus has been one of the most oldest sorts of leisure but also a place of confinement and cruelty for animals. Kids and folks love to look at animals perform however these silent entertainers undergo a difficult regimen and rigorous trainings which is extremely merciless. Roncalli began in 1976 and are the pioneers for introducing the hologram technique for circus to struggle animal cruelty.

While the travelling displays still feature real acrobats and swirling fires, none of the animals are real. Instead, Roncalli project 360° 3D holographic photographs that fill the entire 105-foot-wide, 16-foot-deep enviornment.

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