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Premium processing for H-1B applications from June 10

MUMBAI: The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) introduced on Friday evening, that it is going to start premium processing for all last H-1B cap programs from June 10.

TOI had in its version dated March 21, covered an earlier announcement by USCIS, that the immigration company will be offering premium processing in a two-phased solution to higher set up those requests.

First section of premium processing of H-1B cap programs to assist int’l pupils get paintings visas

The first section, which began on April 1, covered those H-1B cap programs filed for fiscal 2020 (12 months setting out October 1, 2019) that concerned a transformation of status. It covered students lately conserving F-1 visas and dealing under an optional training program (OPT) where the employer has subsidized them for H-1B paintings visas. The 2d section used to be to begin in June.

Now, with this announcement, sponsoring employers who have filed H-1B cap programs, that did not entail a transformation of status, can improve to premium processing, by paying a price of $1,410. This guarantees adjudication of the applying within 15 days.

Emily Neumann, partner at Reddy & Neumann, an immigration legislation company explains, “Once the 1-907 (shape requesting premium processing) is received by the USCIS, the 15 day clock starts ticking. USCIS is required to either approve the applying or factor a Request for Evidence (RFE) within 15 days. If an RFE is issued, the 15 day clock starts once more as soon as USCIS receives the tips asked for less than the RFE.”

For the fiscal 2020 season, which might allow a hit visa candidates to paintings in america earliest from October 1, USCIS had received 2.01 lakh programs towards an annual quota of 85,000 (20,000 being reserved for the Master’s cap protecting those who have certified from US Universities). This overflow, as in earlier years, entailed random selection by means of a lottery.

“For workers who are coming from out of doors america, premium processing will be offering quite a lot of convenience in figuring out where a case stands. If the applying is denied, which is fairly commonplace at the moment, there can be sufficient time to attraction or litigate it ahead of the October 1, get started date,” Rajiv S. Khanna, managing lawyer at told TOI.

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