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Clay - best summer beauty secret

How frequently you might in finding the phrase clay slip into the menu at your spa or attractiveness salon? It might look like a basic component, however clay in reality has a bunch of skin advantages. It can detoxify the outside, fight zits, spice up the complexion and take away the ill-effects of the tough solar. Says marketing consultant dermatologist Dr Shefali Trasi. “The very best phase about clay is that has the power is to draw out toxicity and impurities from the outside’s floor and is an integral part of the summer time attractiveness regimen. It works for standard to oily skin, has a pleasing texture and is available in many varieties.”

There are various kinds of clay used for beauty functions. They vary in colour and houses

Fuller’s Earth

You’ve more than likely heard of Fuller’s Earth or multani mitti, being used in attractiveness remedies. Says dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor, “Fuller’s Earth has lengthy been used by grandmas as a attractiveness repair. It effectively absorbs of oils and toxins from the outside and acts as an antiseptic. Use it with rose
water because it has the tendency to dry out the outside.”
Benefit: Acne fighter.

Bentonite clay

Also known as volcanic ash, this is a very really useful clay, unearths Dr Saumya Shetty Hegde. She says, “Bentonite has de-tanning houses. The negatively charged ions in it convey out the toxins and dirt to the outside’s floor. The clay is porous, easy to take in and used for eczema.”
Benefit: De-tanning and draws out impurities.

Red clay

A natural toner, pink clay owes its colour to the volume of iron oxides present in it. Informs Dr Hegde, “This is a highly-effective clay. It can purify the outside and brighten it, leaving it refreshed. It also reduces open pores. Apply it and depart it on for 20 minutes after which rinse it off.”
Benefit: Reduces oil secretion.

Rhassoul clay

A powerhouse for the outside, Moroccan rhassoul clay is sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is full of minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and silica and can stabilise the outside’s oil balance. One of its biggest advantages, is that it has a prime destructive electromagnetic charge and can draw out blackheads and different impurities. Since it has a warming impact, it is carried out to the outside to reduce arthritic ache.
Detoxifies the outside and evens the outside tone.

Blue Cambrian clay

A rare clay, Cambrian blue clay comes from lakes in Siberia. It is a powerhouse of minerals and is a strong detoxifier — it unclogs pores, reduces blemishes and restores the epidermis. Blue clay is located in face mask, skincare soaps and detox bath salts.
Benefit: Owing to its sturdy mineral content material, it has very good detoxifying houses.

French Green clay

French inexperienced clay often known as Illite clay, has a comfortable texture. It has iron oxides and decomposed plant material. Says skin knowledgeable Rashi Mehta, “Green mineral clay is an apt skin antiseptic and can soothe sunburn. It also works at the toes to remove foot odour.”
Benefit: Soothing and clarifying.

Kaolin clay
Kaolin clay is located in different colors and types and does now not dry the outside as in comparison to different clays. White kaolin clay is gentle and works on sensitive skin. It may be used in anti-wrinkle mask. Red kaolin clay is wealthy in iron dioxide and is stronger. It is used in body wraps. While yellow kaolin clay is used in soaps and facial cleansers, pink kaolin, which is a mix of white and pink clays, is used to fight skin dryness.
Benefit: Heals and stimulates the outside.


  • Those with prior skin problems, wounds, cuts or sensitive skin will have to seek the advice of a dermatologist earlier than the usage of any more or less clay.
  • Always use cool water when mixing clay into a paste, because it becomes more soothing.
  • Never heat clay earlier than making use of it to the outside as it can degrade and disintegrate.
  • Clay will have to now not be used as an exfoliator. Just follow it evenly in a smooth movement.
  • Do now not retailer clay in metal packing containers. Use a tumbler jar, as an alternative.
  • When creating a clay mask, use water rose water or a serum. When it is wet, it allows the outside absorbs the minerals in it more simply.


Clay works effectively for men as well. Says hair and skin knowledgeable, Dr Rashmi Shetty, “Clay sucks out oil from the surface, so whether or not you follow it at the skin or scalp, it works wonders. These are the oils on which dandruff grows and men have an oilier scalp and dandruff problems, so the usage of clay makes a big distinction. Also, the usage of clay at the face for men is apt, as men tend to have more oily skin and acne-prone skin than ladies (scientifically, men have more oily glands according to square cm of the outside than ladies do). They may use clay mask, clay face washes, creams, and so on. Apply it at the skin, however now not in an instant after shaving. Use clay at the face early morning, as this is higher.”


- Make a face mask: Mix the clay with water or rose water into a smooth consistency.
- Smooth it on: Apply it to the face evenly and depart it on for roughly 10 minutes.
- Rinse: Wash off with cool or heat water (never hot). Dab on a toner when you find yourself executed.


Another option to detox the outside is to take a clay bath. The clay will pull toxins, grime, and impurities out of your pores and promote therapeutic. Just add two cups of clay for your bathwater with an essential oil of your choice. Soak in it for roughly 10 minutes (now not more) and rinse off. It leaves the outside feeling blank and refreshed.


Clay can also be used to reduce back ache. Just follow a thick layer of clay at the affected area of the back to appease and relax sore muscle mass.

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