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Chief Minister's fund runs out of money

Rs 100 crore urgently wanted. CM to satisfy officials of India’s most sensible corporates today on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Chief Minister’s Relief Fund – a big bite of which is spent on paying for scientific emergencies involving poor patients – has run out of money, resulting in a growing queue of desperate families scuffling with against time to get their family members treated.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today will meet officials of India’s most sensible corporates on the Bombay Stock Exchange in the hope of generating Rs 100 crore urgently had to help clear a backlog of 4,000 patients registered with the relief fund’s Medical Assistance Cell. Over 1,500 patients in the ready list are from Mumbai.

Among the corporates anticipated to wait the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme are Mahindra & Mahindra, the Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Industries, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, HDFC Bank and Rotary.

A senior executive officer, who didn't need to be identified, mentioned that that is the first time that the relief fund has run out of money and this happened because the choice of programs it's receiving has grown from 7,093 in 2015 to 34,261 this yr already.

Sadiya Qureshi, 30, a resident of Satara, is present process treatment for breast cancer. Her husband Ramjan Qureshi was instructed through officials at Mantralaya on Thursday that she will have to try and organise cash from NGOs because the CM’s fund is working low on money. “We want Rs four lakh for chemo and radio therapy. I earn Rs 300 to 400 a day. CM’s fund is my most effective hope,” he mentioned.

One of the primary sources of money glide for CM’s reduction fund is a Rs four cess on each quintal of sugarcane overwhelmed through sugar factories in the state. This cess generates Rs 25 crore annually. However, with the sugar factories themselves going through distress, their contributions have been gradual in coming. Corporate and private donations are the only other way for the CM’s fund to assemble cash.

Omprakash Shete, who heads the Medical Assistance Cell of CM’s Relief Fund mentioned he receives round 500 programs every day. In the yr 2015-16, four,867 patients won aid from CM’s fund and the fund’s total outgo was slightly below Rs 35 crore. In 2016-17 and 2017-18 total amounts distributed for scientific emergencies were Rs 145 crore and Rs 149 crore. In the current financial yr, the CM’s fund has already dispensed just a little over Rs 188 crore to 18,756 patients. But there's nonetheless a long queue and for plenty of of them time is of the essence. Today’s meet will make a decision how many of them get help and how quickly.


Tatya Harale, 27
The youth from Beed needs Rs 1.5 lakh for a surgical operation after he suffered head injuries in an accident
Tatya’s elder brother Avinash mentioned the family has already taken a Rs 2-lakh loan and the executive minister’s fund was now the best choice as Tatya needs every other surgical operation. “We are farmers from Beed and it's difficult to trip all the solution to Mumbai. But I had to discuss with Mantralaya 3 times in the remaining one month in the hunt for finances. My brother is in health center and we have no cash, absolutely nothing,” Avinash mentioned.

Tatya Harale; (R) Kailash Temkar

Kailash Temkar, 46
A farmer from Hingoli, Temkar is on ventilator beef up at Jaslok the place he has been admitted for a kidney ailment
His spouse, Meera, mentioned that she had already given one in every of her kidneys to her husband a couple of years ago, and now he has been diagnosed with serious sepsis and septic surprise. “We have carried out for cash from the executive minister’s fund. My husband needs long ICU stay. All I can do is pray,” Meera mentioned.


Ramesh Ganeshkar, 45
A farmer from Ahmednagar, he has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the chest and urgently needs Rs 2 lakh

Ganeshkar’s cousin Ashok instructed Mirror that they had carried out for finances from the CM reduction fund round two months ago and were instructed there was a money crunch. “We went to Mantralaya remaining week but won no guarantees. “We have taken a loan because the treatment has to move on,” Ashok mentioned.

Ramesh Ganeshkar; (R) Sadiya Kureshi

Sadiya Kureshi, 30

The Satara resident is suffering from breast cancer and urgently needs Rs four lakh for treatment
Sadia’s husband Ramjan Kureshi earns round Rs 300 a day and has been doing the rounds of Mantralaya in the hope of receiving cash from the executive minister’s reduction fund. “I was on the Mantralaya on Thursday and the officials instructed me there was a money crunch.

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