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Anand Mahindra wants 'better deal' for this farmer

NEW DELHI: Business multi-millionaire Anand Mahindra doesn't need an creation, no less than at the micro-blogging website online Twitter. The billionaire and the face of the Mahindra Group is a popular identify at the social media platform and may also be frequently observed showing his support in opposition to new inventions selflessly.

This time what stuck the attention of the Mahindra team chairperson is a system that is helping in climbing areca nut bushes. His response got here after information agency ANI shared a video of a person named Ganapathi Bhat, a farmer-turned-inventor, the usage of the system. In the video, Bhat may also be observed climbing the tree easily while sitting at the system and likewise coming down with the same comfort without leaving any "scratch" at the tree.

64-year-old Mahindra retweeted the video and requested Rajesh Jejurikar, president of farm apparatus sector, Mahindra and Mahindra and his workforce to have a look at it "more closely".

He stated: "How cool is this? The device not only seems effective & does the job, but also looks elegantly designed with a minimum of weight. @rajesh664 can your team look at this more closely & see whether we can market Mr. Bhat’s device as part of our Farm solutions portfolio?"

To which Jejurikar responded, "Thanks Anand. A very elegant machine. Will certainly connect with Mr Bhat and evaluate the machine and the opportunity."

Bhat additionally demonstrated how secure and strong the product was once in use. He stood and jumped at the seat of the system while it was once stored still above the bottom tied to the tree. The system reportedly can climb "up to 80 trees using a litre of petrol" and will bear weight within the range of "60 to 80 kilograms (kgs)".

But, this isn't the end of the tale. A consumer then requested Mahindra that why he's advising his workforce "such thing on an open platform" as it might lead to competitors contacting him first.

Within minutes, Mahindra spoke back announcing, "Yes because the more people that contact him the better the deal that he will get. Which is more important for encouraging other entrepreneurs like him."

Users preferred him for his "good thought" and so far the tweet has garnered greater than 1,500 likes.

On Sunday, he additionally shared his thoughts in regards to the deaths of seven individuals who suffocated while cleaning a septic tank in Dabhoi.

Mahindra announced that he will emulate Big B Amitabh Bachchan’s gesture of donating automatic scavenging machines to the Mumbai civic frame. On seeing Bachchan’s tweet, Mahindra wrote, “A salute to you for that quiet & empathetic motion. I will emulate your gesture for the municipality within the region where this most recent horror [email protected]

Anand Mahindra pronounces to donate automatic scavenging system

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group, once once more shared his thoughts on Twitter in regards to the deaths of seven individuals who suffocated while cleaning a septic tank in Dabhoi.

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