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Youth group fails to keep its word

Acting on the complaint filed by students of Fergusson College, the charity commissioner has initiated an inquiry into the running of SHH

The people running Students Helping Hand (SHH) were not such excellent Samaritans finally, if the complaints received by the charity commissioner on Wednesday are the rest to go by. In reality, performing on their submission, the charity commissioner has initiated an inquiry into the NGO, purportedly out to assist students hailing from drought troubled regions of the state.

A group of students, mostly from Fergusson College (FC), have reported that when whipping up a large number of publicity during the media and elevating voluminous budget, SHH has stopped feeding them since May. It could also be recalled that even Mirror had run the story — ‘Drought-hit students in town get unfastened meal products and services from seniors’ — in February, essaying the initiative to handle the day-to-day foods of the impoverished students from those economically embattled spaces.

FC students (most sensible) alleged that SHH founder Kuldeep Ambekar (a ways left) used them and social media to garner budget for his initiative, whilst they've not been given promised unfastened tiffins since the beginning of May; (a ways proper) Mirror reported the initiative on February 11, 2019

SHH, which lately claims that it's serving 600 students around the town with unfastened foods, has stopped serving the 50 students it used to in Fergusson College since May. “In the name of students from drought-prone spaces, SHH has raised large amounts of fund. They catered to us for two months.

But since May they stopped supplying the meals. This, after taking massive donations from various donors on the pretext of helping us,” the complaint stated.

They contended that the founder of SHH, Kuldeep Ambekar, had constructed up a strong network of businesses, tapping into their company social duty (CSR) budget, on the grounds that his group used to be helping needy students. The group won a large number of traction in the past six months, roping in participation from businessmen, politicians and even social workers.

But all of the workout now turns out be one for exhibition fairly than continuance of the good work, the complainants contended. “Ambekar spread pretend data thru newspapers, attracting donors, who pitched in lakhs of rupees to assist it in its stated challenge. But we should point out that Ambekar is not helping us and request the charity commissioner to run an inquiry and begin criminal motion towards SHH,” the complaint reiterated.

The students indexed out names of Chetan Dahiya of Anant Industries, Shridhar Joshi of JCB Chemicals Pvt Ltd, businessman-turned-politician Rohit Pawar, Ritu Chabbria of Mukul Madhav Foundation – a agree with supported by Finolex, Nimesh Smurti from Mumbai and Siddharth Dhende, the city’s deputy mayor, among others, as people who have contributed to the reason.

Clearly feeling let down, Sunil Jadhav, a scholar of FC recounted, “We aren't being given the form for requisitioning the tiffin, in spite of a number of requests since early this month. We feel totally utilized by the gang to achieve mileage and make a killing. Ambekar is not only slighting us but additionally dishonest the donors who genuinely sought after to do something certain for the society.”

The unfastened foods came at a worth pointed out Ankush Helode from Garware College. “Students availing the unfastened meals had been forced to attend every tournament (mostly politically tilted) of SHH. This used to be the mandate in the event that they sought after the foods to keep coming. Having no option we complied. We had been puppets SHH placed earlier than the donors and the media, to endorse their work,” he observed on hindsight.

Even when the foods had been coming, the students’ sense of gratification used to be soon dissipated by the dwindling quality of the choices. “We had been so pleased with the arrangement. We chose not to go back to our villages, as we could work and earn some cash to be sent back to our families going through hardship, with our foods sorted. But this did not remaining and now we are in trouble. Even when it came the meals quality used to be not so nice and from time to time they arrived as late as four pm and 11 pm,” recalled Rushikesh Ballar, any other FC scholar.

Acknowledging the complaint, Dilip Deshmukh, Joint Charity Commissioner, Pune region, informed, “We’ve issued inquiry orders towards SHH in keeping with the complaint. We’ve sought a detailed investigation. The students have complained, however we cannot act purely in keeping with their complaint. Action will probably be taken pursuant to getting the inquiry report filed by our officer.”

Vehemently refuting the allegations Ambekar shrugged them off pronouncing, “Students are required to publish documents to turn out their eligibility. We are juggling three,000 requests at this time, so why will have to we imagine those students. It is not for the students to query us as the decision on who to serve rests with the founder of the gang and the donors. It is not the students’ place to query who is helping and who is giving media bites. We’ve not used names of particular students to raise the budget. These students were given the benefit of our work for remaining 3 months, so why will have to we continue supporting them?”

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