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Who's checking your Facebook photos? Wipro

NEW DELHI: We got news for you. A workforce of over 250 overworked techies in Hyderabad had been parsing thru your Facebook photos, categorising them into 5 "dimensions" and trying to determine why you posted the ones photos — used to be it a party, a comic story or a significant match for your life? These contract workers had been going thru Facebook photos posted since 2014, and during the last one year had been labelling them — step one in opposition to an autonomous photograph reputation.

Details of the project had been revealed by way of a Reuters document, which gleaned the ideas from a couple of employees at Wipro, the outsourcing company that is working on behalf of Facebook.

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Facebook 'labels' posts by way of hand, posing privateness questions

Over the past yr, a workforce of as many as 260 contract workers in Hyderabad have ploughed thru thousands and thousands of Facebook Inc photos, status updates and different content material posted since 2014. Details of the trouble had been supplied by way of a couple of employees at outsourcing company Wipro Ltd. The content material labeling program may carry new privateness issues for Facebook.

The document says Facebook later confirmed many details of the project. Wipro declined to comment and referred all inquiries to Facebook. The Wipro paintings is amongst about 200 content material labelling tasks that Facebook has at any time, employing thousands of folks globally, Facebook says. The Wipro workers said they achieve a window into the lives of folks as they view a holiday photograph or a put up memorialising a deceased circle of relatives member.

Though content material labelling tasks comparable to these are often anonymised — photos are stripped of identifying data of the landlord — Facebook stated that some posts, together with screenshots and the ones with feedback, would possibly include user names.

So why does Facebook need to do this? Well, step one to making a synthetic intelligence in a position to recognising photos is labelling them — the system first needs a number of cat photos labelled cat to recognise future cat photos. But Facebook (and in addition Google and others) have AI in a position to doing this.

But the Wipro project suggests Facebook might be working on an AI that could recognise the "context" of a photo, now not just the individual or object in it — a cheerful photograph, a tragic photograph and such. To train the tool on this, it first needs tranches of photos with right kind labelling.

Thankfully, you've uploaded all the ones photos on Facebook. And, contract workers are available to sit thru and stare at all the ones random photos.

Facebook confirmed labellers in Timisoara, Romania and Manila, the Philippines are curious about the same project. It said its research is ongoing and thus may now not provide resulting product decisions. Now cross on and put up an angry selfie on Facebook!

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