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Where motherhood is all heart, and no biology

According to Guinness World Records, a girl close to Moscow holds the file for giving start to essentially the most selection of kids, in the length 1725-1765 — 69. But have you learnt about moms who may not have birthed any kids but have raised as many and ensured they enjoy the heat and blessing of motherhood? Well, we're speaking about the ones girls who have chosen to deal with kids whose both parents, or moms, are no more by means of staying with them in a home that’s constructed of affection and care. On Mother’s Day, nowadays, we take you throughout the lives of these moms who have made their nest in the SOS Children’s Village, Tambaram, spreading love, hope, and cheer…
The starting
There is a cluster of 15 homes, the place kids are raised under workforce foster care, and a ‘mother’ is the head of each and every house. Kasthuri, one of the vital senior moms, says, “I’ve been right here for 25 years now, and these years were essentially the most enjoyable. I used to be dwelling with my parents in Karaikal before. I have at all times wanted to be round kids and do one thing for them. When I read about SOS Village in paper, I believed this was it. But my parents weren’t willing to send me over right here. They attempted their very best to persuade me another way, but I used to be decided. I fought with them and came right here.”

Latha, who’s from Mayiladuthurai, came right here 20 years in the past. “My parents were given me married when I used to be younger, but I left house inside one week because that courting didn’t paintings. I started staying with my chithi and started working with them. There, two guys from this village had also come to paintings. I heard about this position from them and I came right here,” she says.

For Vasanthi, her love for youngsters brought her right here. “I first read about this position in a newspaper, and came right here to test it out. It’s been 26 years,” she reminisces, “I am from a spot close to Kanchipuram, and my brother-in-law, who's in Thiruvotriyur, dropped me right here. I advised them that I wanted to spend my time with kids, and they were given me right here.”

One of the youngest moms, Uma Devi was just 25 when she became a mother to over 10 kids. “I came in 2008 and I have raised 10 kids already,” she says with a grin, “I came to Chennai for a case and oru madam indha edatha pathi sonnanga. I felt at peace when I came right here. I’m from a village close to Vellore, and my parents feared how I might live to tell the tale in a town clear of house. They wanted me to get married and settle down. But I didn’t like that idea and came around right here.”

Embracing motherhood
Kasthuri says that single girls, most commonly in the age workforce of 25-35, are preferred because “ it’s easier to train them if they're younger”.
Ask her if she recalls the first time she held her child, and she or he grins, “On my first day right here, they gave me a one-month-old child to handle. When I took her in my hands, it was a thrilling feeling. It was as if my entire world was in my hands.” She adds, “I actually beloved it right here from the minute I stepped in. It’s a really perfect environment to be round. After coaching for a 12 months, I’ve been in this area for the closing 24 years and have gotten eight daughters and 3 sons married. They have their own kids, too.”

On Vasanthi’s first day right here, she was introduced to 15 kids who belonged to the same age. “Varisaya, azhaga irundhanga,” she says, “It was such a great feeling. I used to be in area number 8 then. Iduppula oru kuzhandhaiyum, madila oru kuzhandhaiyuma azhaga irundhudhu,” she says, “I didn’t understand how to cook then. I used to be coaching with the mum, who was in area number three. There was this eight-month-old girl, Thulasi. She was a sweetheart; paduthave matta. Paruppum neiyyum sadhathula vittu kudutha, samatha saapiduva. I used to be there for 3 months, after which I went to Delhi for coaching. Just as my coaching was getting over, one of the vital moms in Chennai retired. So I in an instant came right here and became a mother to seven girls!”

Latha has 27 kids who keep away from her, and she or he has eight kids who reside together with her. “Inga oru kashtamum illa, yenna ishtapattudhan vandhen. I’ve my own area, my own kids who call me amma… what else do I need? I have given my daughters in marriage; one stays in Tirunelveli, another is in Coonoor. Two girls are in Chennai…. And then, there’s another girl who's studying audiology. I’ve been quite busy now, getting two of my daughters’ admission in faculty and school,” she says.

Uma admits she was very scared initially because she had the responsibility of citing kids who belonged to varied age teams. “I had to take decisions for the entire household and it was an enormous responsibility. But I were given help from senior moms. My kids have also been such darlings; my 15 kids have now all grown up and I’m tremendous happy with them,” she beams.

An afternoon in their existence
Latha says their days are no other from what happens in other families. Kasthuri adds, “We wake up at 5am, and cook breakfast. Then, I get started getting the kids ready for varsity. It shall be 10am by means of then. And then, there shall be household paintings to complete, and in the afternoons, we read books or move out for our paintings. And then once the kids come house by means of 5pm, it’s back to giving them snacks and sending them off to play.”

Latha says, “I can proudly say that I’ve brought up my kids well. Whenever I come house, both after buying greens or finishing paintings at the bank, they convey me lemon juice. Nalla according to edukkanum… While the men get started staying out of doors in a area when they turn 10, they transfer to the early life area when they cross 13. Girls stick with us till they're 18, and we help them find a good a hostel after that. So, it’s important that they be told self-discipline from a young age.”

There’s no existence past these kids
They could be staying clear of their biological families, but these moms let us know that for them, these kids are their existence. “I learnt so many issues once I became a mother. I learnt to cook, I learnt to speak! En kozhandhainga ellam seriyana vaalu. But they're very being concerned; they cry if I cry, they chuckle if I chuckle. What extra do I would like?” asks Vasanthi. “Not just my kids, others also love me to bits. They call me chithi,” Uma chips in.

“Once you come right here, you treat all kids as your personal. You can’t differentiate between them…,” Kasthuri adds, “My parents have made peace with what I selected for myself. In truth, they adore these kids. For them, they're grandparents, and they pamper them to the hilt. These kids… koottukulla batharama iruppanga. Apparam parandhu povanga. Aana parandhu ponalum thirumba vandhu nammala kootittu povanga.”

Vasanthi also spends her kids’ annual vacations together with her circle of relatives. “My parents are no more, but when they were round, we used to discuss with them at least one time a month. My kids would spend their annual vacations with them, and we might return just 5 days before colleges reopened. We, moms, retire at the age of 60. After that, I need to be somewhere close to so that I can be round these kids. In truth, so many of those that have retired stick with the kids they raised. This bond that we proportion is above the whole thing else for us,” she signs off.

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