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Three easy tips to make your make-up last all day

No one likes it when their makeup just melts or easily gets light away. If you spend hours doing all your makeup and it hardly stays, then you are almost definitely missing a couple of important steps. To make your makeup last more, you should apply moisturise, prime and set. Follow these 3 simple regulations and don't let your makeup fade away easily. Here's how you must do it:
Use a just right moisturiser:
Hydration ranges of the surface keep converting throughout the day, so pick out up a just right moisturiser that helps to keep your skin hydrated and company.

Pick the right primer: Primer helps in maintaining the moisturiser and provides a easy surface for makeup, giving it longer staying power.

Set it with powder:
For your makeup to last more, seal it with a face powder. A steady sweep around the face helps in atmosphere your makeup.

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