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Students can change college in std XII only for valid reasons listed by Pune education office

PUNE: Students changing residence and moving to a farther position from college, oldsters' job transfer, medical condition among few different causes would most effective be considered valid for exchange of faculty in 2nd yr junior college (SYJC, same old XII), the deputy director of education, Pune area, has mentioned. The education place of business has listed six grounds at the foundation of which the admission can be transferred from one college to every other.

Deputy director of education Minakshi Raut, mentioned that, "Many children want to change their college or their faculty after completing the first year of junior college. The possibilities and scenario under which they can do so have been categorically listed by the education office and if they fit into the listed possibilities only then they would be granted the change."

Students infrequently additionally exchange their minds in relation to the faculty they opted for. At first yr, they'll have opted for science and after finishing it, they would wish to exchange the circulate, which can be performed depending at the availability of seats at the schools they need, mentioned Raut.

"Not every student who wants to change the faculty would be granted admission to the colleges they desire. Their percentages and the availability of seats would be considered before the admission or the change is granted to them."

With the first yr junior college admissions being carried out on-line, the changes additionally need to be made within the on-line datatbase of the education place of business, mentioned Raut. "Once the student is granted a change in the college preference at SYJC, the colleges will have to inform the deputy director's office regarding the change so that the online database is updated."

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