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Should you keep an ex-partner's photo on FB?

It took Shivani Deshmukh fairly a few years to move on from her first serious courting. She used to be fairly younger—within the last year of her teenage, to be precise—when she met Ankur Agarwal at her best buddy’s birthday party. And inside of a month, Ankur had proposed to her announcing she is the girl of his goals and his candy words, mixed together with his irresistible allure, have been enough to brush Shivani off her feet. They made a lovely couple and their love tale used to be all over the place, more on their Facebook and Twitter accounts where both shared their satisfied moments unabashedly.

Everything went smartly for two years until he discovered a job in america and left for his dream activity leaving a sullen and sad Shivani in the back of in India. They managed to stay their courting alive thru phone calls and video chats until there got here some extent when Ankur began losing interest. Finally, Shivani had to settle for the inevitable fate in their courting. They broke off. He deleted all traces of her from his lifestyles, together with his social media accounts. But Shivani could no longer. She kept a few pictures as a reminder of the good instances they'd.

It’s been 3 years since their break-up, and loopy cupid as soon as once more played his trick on 24-year-old Shivani. She fell in love with one in all her colleagues and their love tale began soon. But one unfortunate incident rocked their boat. On Shivani’s Facebook timeline, an old memory of her lifestyles with Ankur popped up as a reminder sooner or later. It used to be a picture of both snuggling in combination in bed with a caption that read: “On a chilly wintery morning in Manali, best you'll stay me warm (wink)”. Her current associate saw it by chance and he could no longer take it simple. He almost threatened to cut off ties together with her considering she used to be still in contact together with her ex-boyfriend. Jealousy, as it took place, used to be another issue. Poor Shivani, she had a coarse time explaining to him that it used to be an old memory and she or he had totally forgotten about those pictures on her Facebook.

This incident from Shivani’s lifestyles brings us to an important question—should you stay your ex-partner’s footage in your social media account?

Psychologist Kamna Chhibber, Head (Mental Health), Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare defined how this issue affects other couples differently but believe is the common issue, the lack of which, could be a drawback when one associate is located conserving the footage of an ex-partner on a social media platform.

“Trust is the most important to the sustenance of a courting. In the early section of the relationship, it can be more easily impacted or if there were eventualities where a breach of believe has took place then a doubt may also be there all the time. Also, if a associate within the courting has had a bad emotional enjoy in different relationships, romantic or in a different way, then too believe may also be laborious to establish,” mentioned Kamna Chhibber, adding, “At this sort of time limit knowledge about endured possession of assets or pictures of an ex-partner can impinge upon the quality of the relationship, continuously leading to fights and conflicts. It is possible that any person who does have the pictures from a past courting on a social media platform won't have any attachments according to se to the ex but it might probably still lead to an insecure or competitive reaction at the part of the present associate. The reason can lie within the meanings that may be derived at the basis of the continuing possession of the pictures as well as the nature of the past courting. There is not any right or wrong on this regard. However, it is very important recognize that if the past does no longer imply much then it should be ok to let pass of it and do away with the pictures, videos or any other memorabilia that a person would possibly possess from the relation that used to be.”

According to courting experts, ‘letting pass’ of past recollections is vital. When you stay the footage of an ex-partner and different recollections associated with a past courting, it means one thing—you still haven't let those recollections pass away out of your lifestyles. Whether a current associate would object to it or no longer is secondary, but the person wishes to determine why she or he wants to stay those footage. And as soon as he will get the solution, he'll know what he must do subsequent, whether or not to stay or delete those footage.

To make lifestyles a little bit simple, listed below are a few social media 'netiquettes' that everybody should follow:

Think twice earlier than sharing footage or posts about your lifestyles
Social media is flooded with pictures of couples holidaying, having a great time, occurring a date and so on. Remember, digital reality is a spot where once you add something there'll still be some traces of it someplace. So, consider carefully earlier than uploading or updating anything else on social media.

Don’t share too private footage with a associate

Do you in point of fact want to inform the sector how much your associate loves you? Or, what you probably did in your honeymoon? Certain issues are better left between two individuals and believe us, the sector isn't all for realizing how your love lifestyles is until you are the Kardashians or some famous person.

Use privateness choices

Hello! Every social media platform has privateness choices using which you'll prohibit the target audience of your posts as according to your liking. On Facebook, there are also choices using which best you'll see your posts. So use those filters properly earlier than sharing anything else you consider isn't apt for everybody.

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