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Return of fountain pens

Graham Greene, the famous creator, once said: “My two fingers on a typewriter have by no means hooked up with my mind. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, after all. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out paperwork on a airplane.” In a world, where handwriting is a loss of life art, fountain pens have been slowly going the way in which of the dodo. But because of a revival of all issues sluggish and previous, the pen is certainly on its strategy to become mightier once more. Result? Fountain pen are making a comeback. Hand-written letters signed with fountain pens are the new standing symbol – and the absolute must-have merchandise now's a pen this is engraved both with your initials or a quote.
The write thing
Fountain pens’ revival is being formed through millennials who in search of a virtual detox are turning to handwriting. There’s a growing tribe of millennials that want to stay their phones apart, write their thoughts, poetry and ship notes to family members. For some, the fascination is the usage of ink, for others, it's about slowing lifestyles down.

Fountain-pen collectors love the physical ‘scratch’ of nib across paper. In the virtual technology, the ritual of choosing a pen, filling it, deciding which taste to put in writing in has a renewed romance to it. Collectors are going for vintage pens, some buy the high-end creations – what unites them is a keenness for craftsmanship and capability. A contemporary record through Penfold Research titled ‘Office Products: 2016-18’ finds that unit imports of fountain pens and stylograph (non-nib) pens larger through 134 in step with cent.

Take care of your pen

Fountain pen upkeep is essential if you need your pen to put in writing neatly and closing a very long time. There are pen web pages and boards that let you know tips on how to clean and care for your pen. Like your selection of watch, these vintage writing instruments inject some character into your lifestyles. Time to select the pen up.


In 1884, New York insurance coverage agent Lewis Edson Waterman made the first fountain pen that held its ink inside a self-contained tank

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