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No water cut on Thursdays from this week

PMC says the step used to be no longer saving enough assets

Months after imposing weekly water cuts, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) government have discovered that no water is being saved through this procedure. Citing this reason, they have now determined to prevent Thursday water cuts from this week.

While the water ranges in dams have gone down, leaders from the civic frame were claiming that there is no need for water cuts within the city. In a bid not to introduce the water cuts formally, they have been last the supply to the city as soon as every week on Thursdays under the pretext of more than a few technical reasons and repair work. In the past few days, alternatively, officials have been constantly getting proceedings concerning the water crisis in more than a few portions of the city. The factor used to be also raised within the PMC’s general frame (GB) meeting on Monday the place many corporators complained of water cuts and low provide of water.

Against the backdrop of the ruckus in GB, a meeting with the officials from PMC used to be organised to take a evaluate of the placement. According to Mayor Mukta Tilak, it used to be revealed during this meeting that the weekly water cuts aren’t resulting in saving any water.

Stating that she has given orders to prevent the weekly water cuts from this Thursday, Tilak said, “Due to the weekly closure, the citizens needed to suffer for a three days in every week. But the lifting of water never stopped. The figures revealed that we weren’t saving any water through doing this. So we now have determined to prevent the closure. Supply can be closed most effective if it is required. The most effective factor that can be strictly carried out is that we will be able to be lifting 1350 MLD water on a daily basis.”

Opposition leaders mentioned that this is an absolute mismanagement through the ruling celebration participants. Leader of Opposition Dilip Barate said, “If they'd enough water why have been the cuts being carried out till date? Also how did this realisation come when we raised the query within the GB?”

Congress leader Arvind Shinde said, “If they're claiming this, then it is transparent that there used to be enough water within the dam till date. So the BJP leaders have been simply making a false picture for citizens. Also if no water used to be being saved, why have been they imposing the cuts? They owe an explanation to the citizens.”

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